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1964 SG (original)

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OK, I don't have a picture so zip it back up! :D

I have a chance to pick up the '64 SG I mentioned a few weeks back in a different thread and I'm looking for a ballpark figure on what it's really worth.

All original (except the strings of course)

The finish is "aged" well meaning it's a nice dark red wine color with the "crackly" lacquer to be expected on a 39 year old guitar. No dings, no chips, minor buckle rash and the lacquer is crackled (for lack of a better word) but not chipping or flaking off. Neck is straight and true, frets are in excellent shape and like I said everything except the strings is original.

I have recently seen a '62 listing for $4500 in roughly the same condition, but I though that was an unrealistic price. Am I wrong??

This is priced at $1299 and I could probably get it for $1000.


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