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Botched Fretboard

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Sorry if this is a stupid question

Ive been doing well building my first guitar so far, but last night I botched getting the side angles on my pre-slotted fretboard. Im toying with solutions to this problem, and I really have three:

1) get a new preslotted fretboard from stew mac, ebay, or allen guitars

2) get an unslotted blank from any of the above places

3) take the preslotted board, cut away most of the slotted area, and re-slot it on the back instead

Ive been doing the last one this morning. Ive shaped he board properly and been able to trim its thickness down almost past the pre-done slots, but there still sticking out a little. My concern is (other than the fear of having to slot my own frets) if I start slotting, when I put it on the neck it will have the previous slot-holes in the bottom - Im afraid there might be a tonal difference or possibly other problems, like a weaker wood. Note that the slots are down to about .02-.04inches, the board is about a quarter inch at this point. Does anyone have any insight into this or just guesses?

thanks in advanced.

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I wouldn't worry about tonal differences...what confuses me though is how you can screw up the angles and then somehow use the back of the board? :D

thanks for the response

the board was pretty thick, so that wasnt the issue. The grain isnt going to be totally straight, which isnt a plus. It was a small screw up that I think would make a difference if I fretted it in the pre-done slots, as it would result in slightly odd angles on the frets. I suppose that brings up the other question of whether the grain needs to be perfectly straight on the fretboard (I assumed that wasnt the case).

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