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6 String Bass Project/ Best Offer

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6 string bass luthier project

Quilt maple top with walnut and maple back. Headstock reads "Kroll"

Cavity is partially shielded. Has a pao ferro fretboard, which still needs to be

radiused. It can be fretted or fretless. Has two carbon fiber rods installed

in neck already. Has chrome bridge. And black tuners. I also have a 60hz emg pickup never used just opened.

The rear cavity cover I cut from 3-ply white pickguard material, still needs final fitting.

I have set of pickguard screws, abalone side inlay dotsn and medium stew-mac super glue for them.

Also have a unopened bottle of fretboard finishing oil, three potentiometers an output jack, and a set a bunch of .1 capacitors.

There is also a 16" fretboard radiusing block. and a black graphtec nut.








shipped $350- $300 ftf

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exactly it is gorgeous, I didn't do the work on it. I bought the body with the pau ferro board, (which i cut to size, woo, big deal. Yea right) The guy that built it supposedly worked in Memphis for Gibson, left and made a few things real small production. He sold this as is to a music store. A local guy here in Atlanta bought it on a business trip up there and he bought the tuners for it. He never got around to finishing it, so I bought it off him and bought all the other stuff in hopes of finishing it. I never got too far. Oh, well need the money now, fishing time is around the corner, and so I abandon the winter wood project.

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