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What Kind Of Tone Should I Expect?

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Telecaster Style

2 piece padauk solid body

24 3/4 scale neck - purpleheart with padauk fretboard

Carvin FT6 steel fixed bridge (Strat style)

Strung through the body with ferrules on back

2 humbuckers with 3-way switch and a push/pull for coil tap

Let's leave pickups and electronics out for now. I'm trying to see what kind of tone the base elements above would give me. Then, I can decide on 250K or 500K pots, one volume and tone, or 2 vol 2 tone, and which pickups to use.

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Hard to say, You say humbuckers, but make no mention of the specs (pretty broad). In terms of wood choice (which should prove to be a much smaller point), Padauk is a hard wood, but oily much like a rosewood (and I would expect much the same rosewood warmth). Purpleheart is a very heavy, dense, stiff wood that is not very oily. I would expect it to be very low dampening, and quick to respond. I would expect more rock maple-ish results, although purple heart is even stiffer and heavier (so probably less complex). All that is very generic though because your design (body thickness, neck thickness and so on and so forth will go hand in hand with the wood you use to develop these properties). So I am going to say no clue.


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Well, I'll build it, probably start a thread in the "In Progress" section, then figure out the pickups later.

Possibilities for bridge:

Duncan Screamin' Demon

Dimarzio Air Zone

Duncan Custom (could be made into a CC with A2 mag)

Dimarzio/Fender H4 (supposed to sound like Breed neck)

Possibilities for neck:

Duncan Quarter pound single if I wanted to go with H-S

Dimarzio PAF Pro

Dimarzio PAF Joe

Dimarzio/Fender H4 (like the Breed neck)

I could also grab a cheap Duncan '59 neck pickup, which I really like (in 2 of my other guitars)

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