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Set Neck, Or Neck Thru


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well, i have 2 options on this build

set neck or neck thru

(maple/bubina/maple/bubina/maple) lamination

i would have to add a little wood to do the headstock though for a thruneck

im also going for more of a smooth sound on this guitar. the body is a walnut/mahagony lamination (only 1/4" of walnut) then will have a redwood top

what do you guys think?

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bubinga/maple/bub/maple/bub looks amazing. I'm just finishing a 7 stringer for a customer right now and I'm just taken back by how stunning it looks. I topped it with a very very black ebony fingerboard too which really makes it.

What does "add a little wood to the headstock" mean?

My opinion of set neck vs. through neck is a set neck is less cumbersome in the shop because you don't have the whole neck there with you all the time. With a set neck you can do all the preliminary work on the body including sealer/dye then glue the neck in just before clear coating the entire guitar.

You'll likely hear a lot about the tonal differences between a set neck and through neck, but that's all subjective. So do your research and draw your own conclusion.


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