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Refinishing An "oil"-finish


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Hi all,

I got a small problem with my 12 years old Framus Diablo Pro Guitar. This thing is finishes in a blue like Framus calls it "Colored Oil Finish". Now, over the years there a several spots where the bare wood comes through the finish. So my thought was to carefully reapply some new blue stain to the spots with a syringe and then put some more oil on it. Differencies in color wouldn´t be too severe cause the Swamp Ash-body makes the blue somehow "inhomogeneous" anyway. Now i read in some places, including some manuals from Framus, that this so-called "Colored Oil Finish" got so much in common like Hot Dogs with animals... They say it´s stained and then covered with a coat of matt laquer... . What´s strange about this all is, they give the advice to apply some wax to the surface from time to time and then polish it. Apply wax on laquer? Doesn´t come in my head..

So, can anybody give me an advice how i can refinish this surface?

Thanks in advance:)

Greetings from Germany,

Simon aka. tiz1

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