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New Guitar Player Repair Guide

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Hey all,

Did anyone that owns previous editions buy the third edition of Dan Erlewine's book? I'm curious to know if it's worth getting the new edition.

-How much extra material is in there?

-is the DVD worth it?

-is there more bass related topics?

-what else is in there that I might forget but sounds cool/interesting/is a gem?

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I have both of them. I haven't spent a lot of time looking through the new one, but it is very close to the previous version. Things are arranged a little differently, and some things are expanded a bit, but the content is very similar. The DVD is short. It has some info on evaluating electric and acoustic guitars (as if you were looking to buy), an extremely fast glossing over of intonation, and some stuff about how to install strings on an acoustic without destroying the bridge pad. That's about it. I see very little specifically about basses. If you have the previous version, there probably isn't a lot of reason to upgrade. YMMV.

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