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Neck Heavy Sg

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i got a very neck heavy SG and I wanna change that. So I am wondering what to do about it. I already changed the tuners to lighter ones but the problem remains.

Now I thougt about changing the positions of the strap pins. Any suggestions if that would work? I don't wanna drill holes that are useless!

Have you guys other suggestions?

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Moving the strap button to the top horn is what I'd suggest. That's why top horns were invented, after all! The horns on SGs are pointy, though, so my advice would be to put it on the back of the top horn, like thusly:


Other than that, I don't think there's much to be done to get a tippy headstock back to normal. It's a thin guitar as is, so I hope that'll fix your problem.

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Is this a project you finished or a real SG? Of course a factory made guitar should be balanced. My first build was neck heavy, sometimes you have to sacrifice (and make amends) for building a guitar with full access to all 26 frets. BRB, time for another beer. :D I put Grover mini's on the headstock and hawged out a pocket in the control cavity w/ a forstner bit, melted down some lead and poured in a slug. balance is perrrrfect now.

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SG Supreme is mahogany, with a 1/4" maple top. Anyway, good providence, and let us know how it goes!


yep you're right. it's a select not a surpreme. sounds good anyway :D moving the strap helped a great deal, but still she likes the floor a bit... i think i am going to live with that, it's way better now.

thanks guys for your input!

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