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Bass Contour


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Hi. There is this bass contour knob on reverend guitars that works as another tone control for the bass and I was wondering if there is a way to get one and put it on a guitar as it woud be a great adiition to what I'm doing with my build. Any help on this would be nice thank you.

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This is a common EQ feature on bass guitars. EMG offers a similar thing for their pickups, but they are different because the EQ frequencies are shifted more away from the low end to be more in the guitar's natural range. But most of their stuff is designed to work only with their pickups.

BTW don't fall into the common misconception about "active pickups"...the main component of active circuits is a preamp buffer, and the only reason EMGs are "active pickups" is because they locate the buffer under the pickup cover (i.e. potted in epoxy along with the coils etc), while all the other components are outside. Only EMGs and some Bartolinis are true active pickups.

On the other hand, any passive pickup set can be wired to an active preamp wiring harness with a preamp buffer that lives in the control cavity along with the rest of the circuit. Almost all bass preamps are like this. For guitar, there may be a few units out there that do the same thing as bass preamps (I recall seeing one or two, but I can't come up with any names just now). But mostly you're limited to things like EMG's Afterburner which switches in a specific EQ contour that you have no ability to tweek.

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Actually, I believe the Reverend guitars are mostly passive. The "bass contour" is probably some sort of passive filter. Could be lots of different stuff, but an LRC circuit wouldn't suprise me. No way to know without getting to look at one in person.

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i'm looking into the same thing. the reverend guitars are all passive pups. so far, i've found a buncha different EMG preamps and something by Chandler (it's at musiciansfriend.com).

the EMG stuff is convienently lumped together here (also a page of bass preamps).


good luck. i listened to the clips of that 'contour' on rev'd's site and sure liked it alot better than my relatively dysfunctional tone knobs.

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