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Neck Tapering

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Ok I know I have seen this question answered before. But I don't remember where I saw it.

So my question is... what is the best method for me to figure out the width of the end of the neck and the space between the high and low strings to the edges of the neck.

I know it depends on bridge width and nut width. But I just want to know how you guys do this and how you recommend doing it.

This is my first project and I want to know every aspect and know how to do it right and I don't want to cut any corners with this guitar.

So maybe some of you luthiers out there will be able to help me. :D

- Greg

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well, im glad you asked, becuase im currently building a 7 string guitar, and i want to help you

so heres what im after, a more modern feel, mixed with a lespaul, here are the specs (sorry they are in mm, more accurate)(also its a fanned fretboard, actually easier to cut than regular boards)


48.72mm at nut

27" scale length so my with at the end of the fretboard will be slightly larger if your doing a shorter scale. i could calcuate it if you want

but my with at end of board is 67.43mm

my string spacing at nut is 3.5 in on both sides

i use stew mac wide graphtech saddles (11.13mm wide)

with a 66.78mm string spacing

heres the link http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Nuts,_saddles/...le_Saddles.html #1871

heres a link to a bunch of calculators i use if this is useful


also, the guitar im building is fanned fret (heres me buildsite)


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