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Side Bending Spring Back

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When I bent with bulbs. I used (2)150 watt floods and a 200 watt in the middle. If I placed tinfoil on top and around openings, I could get the wood up to about 250-275 deg.F. , and that would take about 30-40 minutes. I used to use a heat gun to suppliment the bulbs as I bent to bring it up to the proper temp(closer to 300-325).

You did not get the wood hot enough (60-80 wat bulbs will not get it even close). I am not sure how thick the sides you are bending are, but you definately don't want to bend sides that are on the thick side with bulbs. I would really recommend a heat gun as a supplimental source to the bulbs.


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I am not sure what materials you have used in constructing your bending machine. It will be subjected to very high temps, and you need to build it to take the heat. Using foil is very helpful, especially if you allow a small air gap between the wood and foil.

Using bulbs is tricky, and does have a learning curve, as well as requires patience. You would have a much easier time using heat blankets. They are faster, heat evenly, and are easy to control. Given acoustic sets are pretty expensive, heat blankets pay for themselves very quickly. Since you are having trouble with bulbs, I would recommend you strongly consider buying blankets.


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