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Source For Us Thread Screws In Europe?


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Bit of an odd question, but does anyone know of a european store that carries US threaded machine screws? Or a US store that'll ship?

I need a few 1/4-20 threaded machine screws, countersunk, flathead, to mount my Triton router (US model) in my router table (I'm 99.9% sure of the thread, fits the other 1/4-20 thread hardware I have for bolting acoustic guitar necks, will be calling the manufacturer on Monday). The ones the router comes with are pitifully short (1/4" of thread), and I need screws with about 3/4" of thread. Only really need 4, 8 would be better since I'm likely so lose something, somewhere, sometime...

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I'll check this one shop near me about shipping. I recently tried to find a couple similar bolts for a cheap ryobi router I had and minus special order, no one carries them. I believe they were 5/16" and I guess few very places carry anything over 1/4". If you can't find anyone to get those to you, just pm me, I believe I saw those exact screws numerous times while looking for the 5/16" version, so I could mail them out. J

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Hello Mattia,

I also use a lot of routers and jigs from the USA.

Because I run a fulltime guitar repair business, I cannot afford any downtime because of a broken screw or something.

So I have almost every type and size of USA screws in stock.

Because I needed to order them in large amounts, I have more screws than I will ever use myself.

My shop is located in Belgium, if you could send me an email (it's on my website) I will try to help you with the screws you need.

groetjes vanuit het zonnige zuiden,



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Sounds like a great offer from Henry.

If you're not able to get them from our man in Belgium, I know a place in London which would almost certainly have them. It's a proper, old fashioned specialist shop, called 'Clerkenwell Screws' which sells nothing but screws, in every flavour available.

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14 variants of 1/4" UNC and 13 of 1/4" UNF from ordinary steel, 12 UNC in stainless, all with six sided heads. Then we have ordinary screw headss, allen key heads and so on, all at www.sifvert-skruv.se

They got an english version of their web page but the catalog is only in Swedish...

Could at least be useful for future reference for the Swedes on here

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