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Amp Builders I Need Some Help!


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i ordered one today and i just realized its going to have a 220/240v PT. I don't have it yet but when I get it can I just substitute the 220v/240v with a 120v PT with out a ton of trouble? Do they usually have the same specs short of the input voltage? i assume the fuse values will be different. I haven't received the schematics yet so i cant say whether or not the PT has 120V taps.

i have some electronics experience, but not a ton, I've built a few pedals, etched some pcbs, and can read Schematics. This will be my first amp kit build any tips for stuff i should read up on, especially safety.

heres the site Madamp its on the right side.

thanks for the help,


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Yes you can substitute the power transformer with a 120v version, just as long as they both have the same power rating and output voltages. A lot of transformers do have both 220v and 120v inputs but you would have to check.


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I think you'll get a much lower secondary voltage, since the primary is receiving about half as much voltage as it was designed for. This will drastically change your power amp and I doubt you'll be able to get the full power out of your tubes.

If you can, return the PT for a refund and buy the right one.

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