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Swirl! Swirl! Swirl!

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DAY 1 (Feb 15th, 2008):

Ok... today's experiment went pretty well.

I am trying to do some borax swirling.

As far as today's experiment, I dissolved 30g of borax in 750ml of water. Maybe too much borax here, as it didn't dissolve that well and some dropped to the bottom. Next time I'll try 30g of borax in 1l of water.

I used sinthetic paint today. Just a bit of black and brown paint.

I poured the paint over the water and it kept on surface! I didn't need to thin the paint as it, apparently, had the right viscosity for the swirling.

(This might not be accurate, as different paints may have different viscosity levels and I haven't done a full test.)

Ok, so sinthetic paint works with borax!!!

As the paint kept on surface, I noticed it started to become a bit solid. I expected that: a thin "laminate" of paint in close contact to air tends to solidify.

At that moment, I swirled both paints with a toothpick, just to mix them up. Then I inserted a piece of folded paper and the paint stuck nicely to it!

As I removed the piece of paper, I saw that the swirl was quite nice.

Sorry, no pics... I felt that it was pontless at this time, so that it was only a small experiment.

I shall post pictures when I do some more serious testing.

Feel free to pop questions!

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