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Flamed Ebony Gaboon


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well, i was wondering if there was such a thing really, becuase at many peoples sugestions i went to an exotics wood store here in sandiego and saw AMAZING peices of wood

giant peices of brazilian rosewood, the most figured cocbolo ive seen

but also hige wide long slabs of ebony gaboon (with a nice pracetag to match!)

i was mostly browsing, but did get some cutoff for bindings (found in a pile for turning, $2.50 a lb :D) (this peice is 34'x1"x1")

and when i got home, i noticed there was an intense flame pattern!

just wondering if anyone else has seen curly ebony gaboon

(sorry for the bad pic, but the figure, as anyone whose taken pictures of curly woods knows, is always better in person!)


i wonder where the rest of the board this came off of is B):D


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Was it the tropical exotics shop that I mentioned before or somewhere different? They have good sales sometimes. Anyhow, I'm curious now if thats where you went. Nice grab there, I always try grab a couple random unique and figured pieces from the cutoffs/turnery bin to play with and use on small projects, plus I like trying to figure what type of some of the cutoffs are, not always easy. Cool stuff, not really sure on which type of ebony, not super informed on all species of it, though flamed figure seems to occur in almost anything. If you went to the place I am thinking of, check out their site often because they'll post when they have deals. In their deals they'll drop the bd/ft prices a few dollars at a time on all kinds of nice stock and sometimes they'll do sales like 10 coco fretboards for $40 and such, just gotta keep an eye out. J

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well, yeap, i went to tropical exotic hardwoods of latin america!

and it took all of 30 mins :-p

they had a pretty nice selection

i was disapointed in thier stock of "regular" wood though

but thats what th&H is for right?

Verhoevenc - oops, didnt know it was common. ohwell

BINDINGS HOOO!!! (thundercats immitation)

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