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Pickup Comparison: Sheptone & Wcr

Dave I

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For one or two guitars, I am thinking of pickup upgrades. One is a Hamer Studio (for Gibson Les Paul sounds), the other is an HSH Super Strat (for Strat-to-Ibanez-RG Jazzy Blues, Rock, and Metal). I have a V on the way with EMG 81's; If I like them I will keep them, if not I will go with a high-output passive, but my inclination is to stick with the EMG's in this guitar. Anyway, there are at least two guitars I am looking at pickups for, with a distant possibility of a third.

I have read great things about Sheptone and WCR pickups. I have no idea which one to go with though. Any thoughts? Specifically, what are their similarities a/o differences? The major difference I found is Sheptone pickups are a lot less expensive, but I do not want that to be a factor unless they are both so great I will not be missing out by not having the other brand. Any opinions a/o experiences are welcome in this matter.


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WCR pickups are quite outstanding... mind you, this is an opinion from someone who used them.... Not everyone may share the same perspective. :D

Truthfully, I am a bigger fan of DiMarzio DP100, so everything I try sort of gets compared to them by default...

I've used a couple different models (can't recall which), both were loud and yet very articulate. My ears and brain tell me they are bright, very bright. Yet, they will still distort quite easily. Though bright, they are not sterile like EMG or lackluster like a Duncan JB. The attack is detailed and they'll really punch ahead in a mix.

Like buying a new pair of sneakers, the choices are endless and you'll really never know if they're for you until you try them.


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