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Where To Get A Custom Vinyl Logo Made


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Hey all!

Can anyone recommend a place to get custom vinyl logo (text) graphics done, in small quantities, for a SENSIBLE price?

I'm in the UK, but with today's wonderful internet commerce I guess that's not crucial!! :D

I have in mind that I could just upload a .jpg or similar, pay up and wait for it to arrive in the mail???



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Syxx is right...it needs to be a vector file (EPS, DXF, AI, ect). My software has raster to vector convertion built in, so a JPG may work if the DPI is high enough. I have a vinyl cutter. I do a good amount of logo design, vinyl headstock logos, MOP headstock logos, ect. I can ship to the UK, however you may end up paying more in shipping than for the logos.


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Could I simply buy some of that printer paper for making waterslide decals on my inkjet and do it that way?

Could I clear coat over a waterslide? Would that leave less of an "edge" around it than a vinyl??


just a thought!


That works I have done that a few times. One trick though is to first spray the water slide with a light coat of clear then let it dry. I found a rattle can or air brush the best as a spray gun is too strong.This stops to ink disolving in the water.Then put it in the water to slide it off. When its dry spray the decal with clear , lightly first then build it uo a little bit.


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