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My Guitar Design

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well... there it is. I like to think of it as completely original, although I did design it around an already existing guitar however, it looks nothing like that now. This is the guitar I based it on, with next to no other inspiration

I want a Seymore duncan dimebucker in the bridge and a DiMarzio D-activator X in the neck. My a happy coincidence they both look very nearly the same except for the colour of the magnet. The dimebucker is chrome whereas the D-activator is white. Is there anyway I can get them both to be the same colour, preferably chrome. I don't remember seeing the option on the DiMarzio site.

The other thing I'm not happy with is the pickguard, I want it to be short, but I don't want to have an ugly cover on the back, essentially ruining the mahogany. This is more of a design question than a technical one, so if anyone has any thoughts on the pickguard shape, they'd be much appreciated.

The strap buttons aren't going to be where they are on the picture, I'm going to cross that bridge when I come to it, and preferably the bridge will help me decide the best point of balance.

I'm not sure whether to go with a tailpiece or string through, which is why I left both examples on the picture.

Anyway, here's the specs:

Laminated mahogany neck thru design

Mahogany wings

Black stained ebony fretboard

24 frets

B/W/B pickguard

One volume, maybe two or One volume One tone

Killswitch on the lower horn like morello

scale length of 25-1/2"


ZMB psyks

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I think it looks awesome! I am new to this guitar design and building, and trying to learn all i can.... but i think it is very original! That is what makes this seem like such an awesome hobby to me. I cant wait to get started. Be sure to let me know how the build goes... as I learn a lot from pictures and learning points. Later buddy.

Very respectfully,


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and I've sorted the pickup problem, the Dimebucker is black with white blades and the D-activator X is white with black blades. The opposite colours would look awesome.

I've also decided to go for a tailpiece

could anyone tell me what this is. The picture that says "more tone made more affordable" I want a bridge like that. is it a tunomatic? if so, I'd like an ID on it cos it looks awesome.

And if possible, would I need to recess it to rid the need of a neck angle? it looks quite low sitting as it is.

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That's pretty cool for a pointy guitar. I would be careful with the arm carve so it doesn't throw off the design. You may want to consider a simple bevel on parts or all of the front. But you can see that you are approaching the design from a total perspective. I am not that fond of reverse head stocks, but i thin i prefer that over the down turned one. If it were mine I would consider doing a reverse, but shallower angle sort of like ESP's.


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I considered bevels so I already had this image ready, although I updated it with and the components etc.

I think it looks alright, although I was considering doing a binding around the whole thing, which could possible be a bit put off by the bevels =P

In the original picture I drew on the sloping for the armrest and body shape. It's the slightly darker shade of colour on both pictures.

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