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Hi all ,Ok i have a probably dumb question but i am going to ask anyhow but first a little history behind the question. I am 40 been playing since 11 in all that time i have never owned a guitar with a whammy bar.I recently got a epiphone with a whammy off of ebay ,loved the neck hated the whammy/bridge so replaced it with a tunomatic style. It works great i placed the tunomatic in the right area with some help i got from folks on her but i do have 1 question/problem.The guitar was originally equipped with what is called a locking nut basically the nut has 3 set screws and clamps that hold the strings down i guess???? I have been having probs with the guitar coming out of tune after bending a few strings but HAVE NOT been using the screws and clamps so should i?Or is the lockdown nut something specific with the whammy bar system?

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There's really no reason to use a locking nut without a tremolo.


*BUT* if it's on there, I'd use it, because the locking nut isn't designed to allow smooth movement of the strings like a normal nut, so you'll get the normal tuning problems caused by a snaggy, poorly cut nut. Course, you'll have the problem of having to unlock everytime you want to tune up, but that's something you'll have to live with unless you want to replace the nut with a custom made piece to fill the gap left by removing the lcok nut.

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