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Convert To Floyd Rose?

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Floyd Rose convertions are very popular, I've done it a few times. However, it may cost a lot more than the guitar value. Anyway, here is what you have to take into consideration, assuming your guitar is a bolt-on, with a Strat style tremolo;

- Your guitar probably doesn't have a neck angle. Strat style tremolos don't need it. Floyd Rose however, might need a neck angle. It depends on which Floyd Rose you want to use; thin baseplate, or thick baseplate. For example, I have a Schaller on a Jackson Rhoads that is very low-profile. But the one on my Charvel 5A is almost 5mm thicker..

- Thin baseplate; the Floyd will be installed flat over the body, maybe 1mm. Just enough so it doesn't touch. No upper pulls possible. With a thick baseplate, a shim will be needed under the neck heel, to compensate for the bridge height. The heel can be modified instead of using a shim, but that would cost more. A floating bridge 'action' can be achieved with the proper modifications.

- If you want a full floating Floyd, a bridge recess cavity will be needed. No neck angle modifications needed.

- New holes will be drilled for the Floyd Rose inserts. Existing holes will be filled with dowels, or putty. Again, cost is a factor.

- The tremolo cavity will probably need some modifications. Sometimes it's large enough to accomodate the Floyd Rose block, sometimes not. Depends on your guitar.

- On a 25.5" scale guitar, a Floyd Rose is installed 25" from the nut, so .5" closer to the nut than a Strat style bridge. Sometimes the bridge pickup cavity is too close to the bridge recess cavity. So more modifications are needed. That is typically the case with Fender Stratocasters.

- A locking nut will be installed. And that is tricky because locking nuts are 15mm, about 10mm more than a standard nut. So precise neck modifications are required.

- For a clean job, the body will probably need to be refinish.

It's impossible to cover all the little details because you didn't post details and pictures of your guitar. These are the main concerns only. Cost of a Floyd Rose convertion? Around 200$ for a very basic job, no refinish. Up to 500$ and more when serious modifications are required, and a refinish is necessary. And that doesn't included the hardware. Can be very easy, can be a pain.

Seriously, I would buy another Ibanez body, already routed for a Floyd, and bolt your existing neck on it. Only the locking nut convertion will be needed. And maybe a little modification to fit the neck properly. RG bodies are all over eBay. Often with all the hardware.

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