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A few little questions


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hi guys,

just a few little q`s ,


what thickness should my headstock be?bearing in mind i have not decided on what tuners to get.

i was thinking of getting a stew mac double action truss rod(cos thats the only place i seem to be able to find them 4 sale)

Has anyone ever made their own truss rod? Any tips? would threaded bar be ok to use?

what are typical neck heel dimensions? im planning on using 60(width) x 22 x 80 mm , would this be ok?

are zero fret setups easier or harder to do than a simple nut ?

im sure many more questions will come to mind later!

thanks. :D

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I know you can get truss rods from Luthiers Merchantile as well........

Typical head stock thickness is averages around 15-16 mm

Looks like your on the right track with your heal dimentions as well but since this is your own creation you can really do just about anything you want.

Course with those dimentions it sounds like your planing on either a 4 or 5 string.

You can go with threaded bar and just add the caps and flat bar having it brazed on then filed clean, but do you really want to go that far verse's the expense of just buying one?

are zero fret setups easier or harder to do than a simple nut ?

What do you mean? :D

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yeah thanks for that!

what i mean is , i would be interested in making it so that the strings pass over a zero fret instead of just the nut, but i have never had the oppourtunity to look at a bass with such a configuration so i would`nt know where to start..... i think i`ll stick with the norm.

yeah its a four string bass im doing, and i think i`ll do it fretless.

if i decided to make it fretless would it be hard to make it fretted if i decide that i dont like it that way , what i mean is, when you are cutting out slots for the frets this is usually done in a jig when the fretboard still has straight edges , but when its finished it is tapered, would it be a nightmare to measure out properly?



p.s sorry if these are stupid questions , its just that this is my first build.

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Just to let you know no question is stupid John, we all gotta learn somehow right, so no worries. As for the cutting the frets out I wouldnt know either and would have to ask that stupid question too :D hehehe just kidding, seriously I dont know but im sure someone on here will be able to help ya out, good luck. Id kinda like to know myself.


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When it comes to cuting the slots, yes they are normally done while the board is still squared.

That doesn't mean it would be impossible to do after the board has been cut and mounted though. I would probably just build a jig to hold it square to a miter box. A simple spacer could be made to conform to the side of the neck and cradle it at the same time, simular to those neck cradle's used when working on guitars or a radius board for sanding them layed upside down.

Might be a bit of a hassle but it is do-able.........

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