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Werckmeister Iii


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Wow. That's like the musical equivalent of astrology! I think you would need to do some serious math on the fret distancing, and I believe you'll be looking at weirdly shaped frets. The instrument will be played "best" in particular keys if I casually skim read that article correctly.

It's fascinating stuff for sure, but again I believe it will be a case of trading one problem for another as there is no perfect solution unless you decide to play the guitar in Cmaj forever :-D

I believe I saw a guitar a while back with bendy curvy frets which attempted to achieve this (plus a Yamaha sig guitar with one or two bends IIRC) but I postulated that you could throw string bending right out of the window.

What has made you decide to pursue this? It would be great project as proof of concept, but perhaps impractical for a fretted instrument. A piano, harp or other non-fingered note instrument would benefit best from this I guess.

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I use a lot of 3rds and 6ths in my playing, and equal tempering just doesn't serve my playing style terribly well. To me, werckmeister3 tempering actually sounds like an improvement. I checked out Tru Temperament this afternoon, and I think I'm going to try an emulate the idea. The guy there even outlines the process. I'll post how it goes.


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That's the beast. As it states on his site however, there are difference options in temperament adjustment (12-tone Equal Temperament, Thidell Formula 1, Die Wohltemperirte Gitarre, Meantone Blues) so there are still shortfalls. Would be interesting to try out, but I don't like the idea of my string bending becoming erratic. Imagine how crazy wide vibrato would be!

I think the Buzz Feiten or Earvana systems are more applicable to fretted instruments however.

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