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My New Shop

Daniel Sorbera

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Right now it's still a work in progress, it's a concrete floor currently, but we are going to get it coated with something, we are looking at a special shop floor/coating for mechanics shops that would work great, much nicer on the knees and it insulates better.

But pics will come I promise.

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Ok it's pretty much finished now.

The floor is an epoxy coating and we built a cabinet/desk combo on one wall. We left a 2" space between the top and the base so you can clamp stuff down to the top easily. It looks nice and clean because everything is stored in the cabinet which has doors.





You can even see the latest guitar, the left handed acoustic.

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haha, no, thats a stain spill. A bottle of stain that was sitting on the table apparently fell over when no one was in the shop and leaked out tons of concentrated red mahogany (when that table was still in the shed outside, I don't have any stain inside :D )

I'm going to make an effort to get it up this week to make sure it doesn't bleed into anything. What do you think would work? Alcohol? I'm thinking I'll scrub it as much as I can with alcohol or water than sand the rest away. The table needs a good resurfacing anyways.

The big bench on the wall is 13' long and has a 2' deep work surface on the top, a good size to clamp a guitar to, and it's 36" high so you can work while standing up.

and you can see my moms redwork quilt on the wall there. It's pretty impressive with hand stitched designs all over it.

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Perhaps sealing the bench would be better than solvent if it's liable to cause problems. Have you checked how deeply the stain has penetrated? I myself wouldn't like to resurface a bench if more than a few millimetres needed removing! Hope it works out.

What flooring epoxy did you use? That's pretty awesome looking stuff. Is it a smooth or textured finish? It looks pretty smooth from the light reflections....

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We had the floor professionally done. It was not too bad at around $3 a square foot installed.

They put down an adhesive coat on the concrete then spread these colored plastic flakes all over the floor (which is the tan/black you see) then came back the next day and scraped off any loose flakes and put down the hard clear finish.

It does have a bit of texture to it, you don't want to be slipping on a smooth clear coat ya know, but it's pretty smooth feeling. It's very durable too. I took a screwdriver in the corner and tried to scratch it but couldn't even make a scratch you could see in reflected light.

It's pretty cool stuff for sure.

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