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Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic

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Hi all,

I went to my local guitar center, I'm thinking about a semi or full hollowbody for my next build. I picked up a Gretsch full hollowbody with a bigsby, and wow, the sound that came out of that guitar was magic. I played the Gibson ES-335, and while it was nice, it didn't have the tone that the Gretsch had. (I used the same amp, with no setting changes). I also played an Ibanez full hollowbody, that looked almost identical to the Gretsch, just cheaper. It was flat and lifeless compared to the Gretsch.

So, help me out here, those who have gone before. What makes that guitar sound Sooo much better? Is it the pickups? Is it construction, or wood, or just magic? Is it that one guitar and they vary?

If it's the pickups that make it sound that good, I can buy replacement pickups and build one. If it's construction that makes it sound good, I might just have to buy the real deal. It might take many guitars and I still might not "Arrive" and manage good tone.


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