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Black Sunburst

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On my coming project (i'm probably going to start in June) I would like to try my hand at a sunburst. I'm asking here since all the topics I found using the search function turned out to be multi coloured sunbursts. I would like the sunburst to be clear black, something similar to:


So the question is: Can this be done with one dye (black) as in different intensity of colour and amount of layers? or do you need to use some lighter colour to get this effect? I'm sorry if this question was already asked countless times without my knowledge.

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here is one of my black bursts


it was done with black tinted lacquer built up to a good burst. you can see the burst changes depending on the lighting.

The wood was quite pale which helps keep the lightness in the middle

to get one like the picture i would probably just do it with less coats of the trans black.. i might also do a little brown in the mix, maybe even a stain and sandback with the brown first.. it looks a little browner than mine - could just be that the wood was less pale

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Wow, that looks extremely sexy :D I'm not that specific about coloring yet, (I think I even like your finish better) just that I want it to be a clear black sunburst. Do you think it's also possible to do something like that with only stains/dyes finished of with clear lacquer?

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