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Fretboard Finish

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My friend has a one piece maple neck and he wants a glossy finish on the fretboard. I read a bit on ReRanch and I'm under the impression that i would use the same laqcuer that I would for the rest of the neck. Is this right? Because I would think that the strings would scratch the laqcuer and leave nasty lookin white streaks. Thats just my first impression. Should I do what it says on ReRanch?

Thanks you guys.

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I think the best way - with an eye to future refrets - is spray, then fret.

Right into the first part of the job, you can quickly find the frets need enough heat to do a number on the finish on some necks.

I like finish before frets because then the finish thickness doesn't take away fret height.

Either way is a pain in the ass ! I'm getting ready for a poly respray right now on an unfretted board. The original frets were sprayed over and when they scraped the finish off the frets, board finish came off too. This was a factory sprayed Fender and there was about 1/64" bare fret-board on the sides of every fret.

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