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Removing Tru-oil From Fretboard


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Can anyone tell me the best way to strip a thin coat of Tru-Oil off of an already fretted fingerboard ?

I am wrapping up finishing a birdseye maple neck and fretboard for my Tele build. I fretted the neck and planned to wipe on Tru-Oil to the entire thing. It turned out to be a big pain to wipe the oil on the fretted fretboard and get any kind of even coverage. So I opted to spray on the Tru-Oil with a Tru-Oil aresol rattle can.

Well, I'm not sure if it was the remaining wiped on finish or my method of application but the sprayed on oil looked even worse than the initial attempt to wipe it on.

I have some left over nitro clear in a rattle can that I'm going to try and use but want to know if I should try and strip the Tru-Oil off or just shoot over it.

Any advice ?



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