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2 Circuits


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Has anyone ever heard of having to circuits in your electric guitar.

Lets say you used 3 humbuckers.

Could you wire the bridge & neck pickup together on one circuit & then wire the middle one on a second circuit.

You would then of course need to selectro switches & input jacks & a fair few pots so there would be the problem of space.

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could you not just use a strat style switch then wire it up a little wierd so theat maybe the bridge pick up was the center postion then you could maybe just kick it all the way down for your middle and you would still be able to mix the bridge and the neck pickups? idk if that made much sence to anybody except me.

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A neat idea may be to have the normal bridge/neck on a threeway then have the middle on a separate volume control of it's own...that way you can dial in as much middle as you want or out for the more usable bridge and neck combinations. You could even have a push-pull on this control so that you could reverse the phase in relation to the other pickups yeilding combinations of neck and bridge in phase with middle out of phase to taste!

With a strat style switch you could have even more options, depending on the switch...I guess I was thinking 3 HB's it may be gibson style. I have done this middle idea on a strat and it works really well...what you wont get is middle alone, but you will get all three at once and easy access to the neck and bridge, neck and middle and bridge and middle.

The volume control idea means low switch count that makes the guitar easier to use and look a lot better yet still have a lot of different sounds...the drawback is that with the middle dialled in, you need to turn it down (unless you have a switch for this) to get it out of combinations...but in reality, that is not hard or going to be too much of a problem in practice. Hope this gives you some ideas.

It is not hard to make two completely different circuits...some of the older "stereo" models sent the neck to one amp and the bridge to another...but this is pretty rare and a little silly...


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