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Stew Mac Tools In The Uk

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Hey I was wondering if there was any where in the UK (or Europe at a push) that stocks and distributes Stew Mac tools.

I am looking in to getting some for a build I want to start but am very wary of shipping from the US (plus costs get high)

The Tools I want to get hold of are,

Fret slotting miter box and templates (at least 25.5" to get started with)

It might even be worth getting the full arbor press fret system? (I figure its worth getting everything right even if its only for one or two builds)

Fret press caul and inserts (at least 12" to start with)

Plus things like truss rod router bits, radius blocks etc.

Also if any one can recommend any of the Stew Mac (or other wise) tools, and where to get them that would be great! Or any one doesent need their tools any more and could sell second hand?


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What setch said; even with customs charges, the price is very reasonable, particularly if you place a fairly large order - the DHL processing fee is something you only pay once.

I usually receive my stuff (in the Netherlands, from Ohio) within 3 working days. Rarely ever longer, sometimes shorter, and shipping is extremely reasonable.

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