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Where To Get Bubinga For Bodies Or Tops?

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I bumped into some at the Rockler down in Cambridge. I dunno if there's one near you, though. I know they're a chain, but the one near me is the only one i KNOW of.

And by bumped into a piece of bubinga, we're talking the size of a 6-person dining room table, and 2.5" thick.

$2600 smackers... Oh yeah :D

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Gilmer has nice figured Bubinga(and outstanding instrument wood knowledge), never hurts to get in touch with Larry at Gallery Hardwoods(again knowledgable), Cook has some nice wood(does not have the instrument wood knowledge, but they are trying to figure things out), West Penn has good figured Bubinga, the list could go on........ Really it depends on where you live(always better to select in person), if that is not an option, go with the knowledgable companies. I am lucky to live where I do, because even most of the woodworking stores around here have waterfall Bubinga (not to mention, Gilmer is 10 minutes from my house, even Cook is here in Oregon(although I don't usually use them that often, they sometimes bring some interesting bits to the woodworking shows).

Now if you are looking for Bubinga that is not figured. Most local hardwood dealers carry it, as well as Rocklers, Woodcrafters and such.

I am not sure where you live, but if you mention where abouts you are at, maybe other board members that live near you could mention other local sources.


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