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Splitting Neck Fix?

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From what I can see it seems the fret board is lifting from the neck. You could try running some ca glue in and then clamping.

Else it would involve removing the fretboard cleaning up surfaces, regluing and refinishing neck.


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I think you need to define fix.

Do you just want it functional and playable?

Or do you want it fixed and refinished and looking purdy too?

If you just want it fixed:

Remove the strings.

Fill a syringe with some tite-bond wood glue.

Pry the joint open enough as to get the needle into the crack and fill it with a healthy dose of the glue.

Clamp it tight immediately, not too tight though.

Wipe the excess glue away with a warm wet cloth.

Let it sit overnight.

That should "fix" it, you are in for a whole world of other opinions when it comes to refinishing it.

Best of luck with the repair

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