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Piezo Pup Companies

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Hey I started this thread on UG and got zilch replies, and I've seen a few piezo loaded guitars knocking about on here so I thought I'de ask (and this seems the appropriate section)

so any way,

Can any one recommend me some companies that make Piezo Systems? In either TOM or hard tail format, with all the drivers etc.

I only know of graph tech, and although their stuff sounds pretty good I'de like to know if there are any more quality products out on the market.

I know Stew Mac sells graph tech and L.R Baggs (though I have not heard their product) Can people recommend others? I am sure there are others.

(May I also point out Stew Mac is MILES cheaper than Graph Tech is offering their OWN PRODUCT!!!) (This is probably down to that SM can shift more stock but it still doesn't make sense)


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Graph Tech saves resources by selling in bulk to one customer, instead of processing a million individual packages. They have to charge more to individual customers to make up for their extra cost in wages, etc. They probably don't mind StewMac selling on their behalf. :D

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For fancy and expensive, you can't beat RMC Pickups. Were one of the first to come out with a heaxphonic midi preamp option for their pickup systems.

LR Baggs makes stuff, Schaller has piezo-loaded bridges you can probably order through any Schaller dealer, Fishman makes the Power Bridge...

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