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Hss..blender & Mini Switch Questions


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I plan on using this ACME diagram as my base starting point. Then I would like to ADD in a mini on-on switch for the bridge HB, and istead use no-load blenders at BOTH tone pot locations. So that I hope to be able to switch to just my HB and have no load on it for more output...sort of that "brown sound"..EVH tone .

Question is: will this work or is there an easier diagram to use? I MUST still be able to switch back to the 5way and be able to then blend in the bridge and neck..and visversa (position 2 and 4) so I canstill get all 3 pickups.

Also I plan on to hard mount the humbucker to the control cavity like EVH did...I think that may help in getting that sound also.

Here is my "starting out" diagram..I can't figure how to actually post my own drawing. http://www.acmeguitarworks.com/pdf/WiringD...rat_Blender.pdf

Thanks for any help.

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