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Yamaha Pick-ups


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i am having a little problem with my guitar. I bought a Yamaha beginner guitar off my friend i took it apart and repainted it i am going to put it back together but i forget which pick-up goes where. This guitar has the double pick-up in the back and two single pick-ups but i dont know which one of the singles is the neck pick-up and which one is the middle pick-up if anyone can help please let me know. Any other questions for me email me @ ffwhitman@chcfire.net

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Can you tell by the length of the wires coming from each pickup...the middle one having shorter wires to reach the selector and controls generally?

Typically the middle and neck pickups are the same specifications (power, etc) but often the middle will be of a reverse polarity (north or south poles up) to the other pickup and the coil direction reversed also so that it will be humbucking in the combined position of the selector (pos#2).

If the wires are colour coded, someone may be able to tell from another yamaha, but generally the wire length is the most obvious clue...good luck..


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