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[Disclaimer: I'm a mod on their forum.]

I have more than a dozen Carvins, all with Carvin pickups.

I really like the pickups. I've used them in my own builds and will again.

Edit: Didn't mean to not answer the question about parts. I use some small parts from them as well. Their TOMs and fixed "Strat" bridges are made by Gotoh. Good prices on those.

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I can say their necks are GREAT! The neck in the Carvin kit I built is fabulous. I plan on using Carvin necks in future builds. I've never had an issue with the tuners either. I can't comment on the pups, though - I quickly switched the strat setup that came with it to a pair of Bartolini HBs.

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Speaking of the pickups again... If you need something single-coil-sized, I'd recommend the TBH60 twinblade humbucker over the single coil AP11.

For full-sized humbuckers, my favorite of theirs is the C22B (bridge). The M22SD (much hotter) is also great, although that one seems to be a love it or hate it thing.

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