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* 8.0 AMP, all ball-bearing motor, 25,000 RPM

* Die cast aluminum base

* Spindle lock for easy bit changes

Kit includes

* wrench

* carrying case


* Motor: 120V AC, 8.0 AMP, 1.5 Peak HP

* Speed: 25,000 RPM

* Switch: Trigger (with lock on)

* Cut Depth: 0 - 11/2"

* Collet Size: 1/4"

* Cord: 10 ft.

* Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Bought it tonite for $60. Worth it? Yes? No? Should I return it and get something else?

I haven't opened it yet. I was at home depot buying some RG6 cable for a project. PIcked it up while i was there.

Lemme know :D thanks

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even if u got a router for 30$ online, you'd end up paying about 60$ after shipping and all that, so i'd say u did ok, althought did they have a model that had both 1/2" & 1/4" collets? then u don't have to be fussy about the bits u buy

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I have a similar Ryobi. It seems to be okay, other than the 1/4 inch collet limit Derek mentioned. I don't use it enough to say how durable it will be, I've heard the bearings don't last. But I paid $50 for mine new and figured it would last long enough for me to get some projects done and maybe upgrade down the road. I will probably get a plunge router next, so the use will be spread out even more.

Has anyony tried this or something of the same type?


Seems to me it would be like a heavy duty version of a Dremel, with plunge ability.

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I have a really heavy duty Makita that I use for major stuff, but for everything else, I've been using the Ryobi's just like you picture there.

One just like your picture, another that is a plunge version. If they also had a plunge router where you bought that, I would (for the few extra bucks) go back and get the plunge version. But that one is fine too. I would really recommend the 1 3/4 hp model too.

Using them for about 8 years, I'm on my 4th one! Yes, the bearing collars are plastic trash, but I really use mine a LOT, I put a lot of miles on mine, and I keep going back and buying them.

I like their HANDLES, they have the most comfortable handles for the price out there. And the feel of the grips is very important to me. So even tho they don't last forever, I like them, and they are a good bang for the buck.

I cannot get into those Porter Cable round ball grips at all, you lose so much control with a powerful router bit spinning at high speeds right under your hands, I want FULL control of that puppy, so the GRIPS are very important, and the Ryobi's have great feeling grips.

It'll do you just fine.

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