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I became a bit adventurous...

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So I decided to pull apart my Ibanez RG470 today.

I read the 'Elbow Grease' tutorial, and decided to give the poor thing a clean (hasn't been cleaned for well over a year).

I didn't do as thorough a clean as I was hoping for, so I just settled for a freeboard wash, and cleaning dust and dirt off the various covers and body areas.

It's in really good condition, the only two things that bothered me were:

1) The truss rod cover: This was a little bit scratched from pulling off and changing strings.

2) The screws: They are/were black, but they seem to have rusted/corroded a little bit. It makes the guitar look in a bit worse shape than it actually is (as there is absolutely no hardware corrosion, it's just the screws).

I assume these should be no problems to replace.

One thing that did have me worried was when I was screwing the neck back on, the two top screws were really hard to screw in, it was almost like they were going in crooked, but they were straight.

The strings and floyd rose tremolo are still off, I have to buy new strings.

Is it natural to be feeling a bit concerned after pulling apart the guitar? lol.

I am wondering though, how much would an RG470 in good condition be going for these days?

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i get that same felling every time i take somthing apart.

i get so freaked out that something is broken.

just changing the strings makes me nervous...

well not really

truss rod cover you can buy for like 2 $

nothing to worry about

and the corrosion, i have that all over my tremolo.

its just the finish coming off the metal parts.

just looks uglier , doesnt affect your playing.

unless its rust!


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Yeah, I felt really concerned that I may have broken something when I pulled it apart (it's not completely back together).

I wanted to take the neck off again to check I didn't screw them in crooked.

In relation to the corroded screws, I realize they do not affect the playing ability, but I may consider selling the guitar in the near future, so I want it to be looking great.

The other thing I was a little concerned about, was using newspaper (as mentioned in 'Elbow Grease'), in the sense that it might scratch the finish of the guitar.

I couldn't see any visible scratches, but I don't know, it's all strange to me, lol.


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ultraman, i also have an rg320 B) excellent guitar, is yours the lavandar colour one?

anyhow i also feel a bit uneasy when i take something apart, especially if i have paid for it. i took the neck of my 320, to scallop it, and was scared that id misthread it puttin it on. also scalloping the whole neck had me scared alot, as id just bought the guitar and hadnt tried a scallop (which i love to bits) before. thanks projectguitar.com for the tutorial.


btw ultraman, is your 320 the 2003 or 2002 model. mine is the 2002, i like the trem on it more!

cyas :D

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