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P-90's. What Is The Sound? Any Samples?

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thats really hard. Like asking a "Humbucker Sound" or "Single Coil".

Many people make their own P-90's.

Thats like saying that Guns and Roses, Tool, and lets go with Foo Fighters all Sound the same. They are all indeed humbucker users. Or Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Stevie Ray Vaughn... Best advice, go to a music shop and play em to see.

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Yep, play a guitar with P-90's. Make sure you play through an amp that is voiced similarly to your amp. Play clean (NOT distorted!) if you really want to hear "the sound" of P-90's.

To my ears... P-90's have a sound that is warm and full (not super bright like Strat pickups), but there IS that "spank" or "quack" in the bass strings like there is with Strat pickups. To my ears, humbuckers don't have that "quack" on the bass strings.

FWIW, here's some music I recorded. The guitar has homemade P-90's.



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George Thorogood for the more raw side, Early Santana for the smoother distortion side, Early Leslie West (Mississippi Queen) for the way too fat sound, and then there's all kinds of old hollow-body P90 guitar recordings that I'm not familiar with, but from a time when amps were not pushed, so they sound more nice and mellow like that.

There was a thread over at the Gear page where a huge list of P90 recordings was listed.

They don't have one sound, but I guess no pickup does.

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