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Help With Custom Vinyl Logo On Peghead.

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Yeah, vinyl is really thick. I would do a reverse weed and use it to make a mask. Then paint the positive space, and remove the vinyl. Very detailed and in paint. Everyone will want to know how you did it.

I tryed to do that once! It looks cool but the edges don't look so nice! I don't know if it was because the vinyl itself or because the paint I used (enamel spray). Anyway, if you are going to do this way I'd tell you to live it to dry for about 2 or 3 days and after sand it with soapy water and WnD 1200 grit or more than put the clear.

The guy that lives with works with screen printing and I'm about to do some tests with it! As soon as I have it done, I'll take some pics and post it!

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Did the edges bleed? It seems like if you weren't careful weeding out the design you could end up with paint underneath the vinyl.

A reverse weed is a really, really cool idea though. How thick was your vinyl design? (width of the design, not depth of the vinyl) Did you do, say, thin script letters or something different? Any pictures?

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I did it like this on Indian rosewood veneer: Sealed the raw veneer with 2 coats of modge Podge. Then wetsanded and buffed area where vinyl will be attached. Applied the logo, then applied modge podge over logo until edges disapeared. Then wet sand and buff modge podge to get a glass smooth surface. Then apply nitro over the top.

I have used modge podge as a filler and sealer on the complete guitar before spraying with nitro as well. Modge podge has very good clear grain filling properties and wet sands to a very nice surface before spraying.


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