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Esp F Model And Rhoads V.

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Hey there folks!

I've been thinking and drawing for a little while now, and I think now is the time to get a little feedback perhaps.

I'm going to do two guitars at once this time, just for fun. :D

ESP F Model - Morfeus.

Neck through design - Curious about that one, never did it before.

27th scale.

Maple neck, Ash body.

I think that I'll just let the drawings speak for themselves.

If anyone have any ideas on how to actually acheive the designs on this one, I'd be happy to get some input.


Rhoads V

Neck through.

27th scale

Maple neck, Ash body.

Still didn't decide on what finish to have on this, nor the inlays.

Got some ideas, but nothing that really stuck to my mind yet, so I'll just leave that for now.


Would be nice to hear what you guys think of these.


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