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Ever Screw Up Really Bad

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Have you ever managed to really screw up a guitar and then manage to salvage it?


This guitar started life as an all maple pointy guitar that was supposed to be clear coated with a bocote fretboard.

So I Glue the blank up and throw it through the planer for final thickness and all of a sudden, the lower piece loses all of the quilt and birseye in it! YUCK, that’s going to look odd when finished. A bit bummed I move on.

Well I cut the profile of the guitar out and everything went smoothly. I even did the bevels on the body which turned out okay. Then I started to cut the profile of the neck, Bass side went okay and the treble side went okay until I got to about 1” from the nut location and then it happened. My router bit bearing guide slipped under my template and I took a nasty bite out of the side of my neck.

Well now I’m SOL and I throw the guitar into the pile to be forgotten about. After several months I decided to go back to it. I lobbed the neck off to make it a bolt on. One problem: the bass side of the body meets at the 12th fret and being a bolt on it would be impossible to scoop the back of the body so there weren’t any clearance issues beyond the 12th fret. So I steepened the angle so it would meet farther up the neck and then I cut all the beveled edges off to make the profile of the body smaller.

Then I went radical with the bevels just to give it that 80’s ESP look.

So, now it’s going to get a maple bolt on with an ebony board. A bridge humbucker and a TOM style bridge/string through.

Oh, and winter camo finish




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Looks good to me! Without knowing, I won't be able to tell it went through a salvage operation. The bevels looks very clean! Nice job.

The body/neck joint looked better before, going all the way to the 12th fret, which is unusual, but you manage to make it look good.

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