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New Drill Press And Band Saw

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got both of these from a local guy via craigslist, they barely have any use on them, they are absurdly clean(besides a little bit of rust on the stand of the drill press). he told me he bought them a long time ago, then got married, and had to move on from whatever work it was he said he was doing, so they sat in his mom's garage for a while. they both work beautifully. this makes 3 delta power tools for me. i got these 2 for 450, and i got my delta belta sander/disc sander for 60. finally getting closer to being able to build again. and pardon my mess in the pics, the garage needs to be rearranged and cleaned.



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Column of my drill press developed a spot of surface rust (well, actually a bit deeper than just the surface). I first attacked it with steel wool and naptha. Wiped it clean, then attacked again with steel wool and WD-40, wiped it clean, then steel wooled with paste wax. Most of the rust was gone after that, and 10 years later it has stayed that way.

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