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Undoing Bad Glueing

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I need to unglue a wing on a three piece ash body as the one end hasn't glued properly for about an inch structurally it's not that important but its annoying cosmetically.

I want to seperate and reglue and so i tried the iron trick but the wood seems to be acting as a heat sink.

would the oven work on a low heat or even heated up then turned off? wrapped in tinfoil with some water to steam it or possible not

i could just fill it but it's gonna be natural and it will show up particularly on the end grain

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I wanted to serperate it because cutting the join then rejointing it uses more wood.

once i realised i'd been a tool i seperated the glue with the iron and got the trusty stanley number 7 it's regluing as we write!

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Glad to hear it worked out for you!

FWIW, you *can* use an oven, heated to about 150-170 degrees for about 20 mins (I've done it) , but you have to be aware that an oven is going to try to dry out the wood, which gives you potential problems with cracks/checks, etc. If the joint is worse than the risk, then it's worth a shot.

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