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Pots 250k Vs 500k

Trixie Cant Act

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Does this only apply as volume is rolled off? A 250k pot turned up to 10 will have virtually zero resistance.

A 500k pot turned up to 10 will have virtually zero resistance. So how can one be brighter than the other when it's on max?

Actually, it's the resistance between signal and ground that matters (the "load"). W/pot at full up, the signal sees the maximum value of the pot between itself and ground. The lower this resistance, the more the high F's bleed to ground.

This is why the guitar sounds darker as you turn its volume down (unless you have bright cap on the pot to counteract).

It's also why electric guitars sound bad plugged into PA's etc., cuz the input is the wrong load for the pickup and all the high end is lost.

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