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Baseball Bat Guitar?

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Well at Easter dinner with my extended family, my uncle talked about how he toured the louisville slugger factory. I asked what they were made out of and he said ash. I know that's a guitar wood so it got me thinking. If you sliced a louisville slugger lengthwise, you could build a pretty sweet makeshift guitar. I'm thinking there'd only be enough room for 2-3 strings but it would still be cool.

What do ya'll think?

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Edit: I live a few miles away from the Slugger factory... the tour is pretty cool. :D

Coincidence - the wife & I just took a weekend anniversary to Louisville for out anniversary. We were there the weekend the "blizzard" came through. The whole city closed down, so there was NOTHING to do! We were making fun of y'all for running scared from 9" of snow. :D

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