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Rio Grande Pln (pittbull Humbucker)


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I *tried* to get these through a couple of suppliers, as I thought it would be asthetically pleasing with my last build. I ended up on indeterminate waiting lists - no one could get it in stock (even though at the time, music toyz said they had it in stock) and after waiting months, I ended up contacting the manufacturer (Rio Grande) The price they offered was considerably more than any of their resellers, and being over-budget already, I instead ended up re-working the design to work with a Seymour Duncan Rickenbacker neck pickup retrofit that I scored cheaply.

I'm very happy with that pickup, but I would have loved to try the Rio Grande.

Although somewhat larger, there's also the Gibson bass pickups, I believe Allparts and a few other places sell repros of those. Humbucker-sized bass p'ups show up occassionally on eBay as well, often no-name imports, or p'ups from wierd old basses (Teisco's or something? I don't know)

I know I've seen parts (four pole piece hole chrome covers, and four-hole baseplates) for winding humbucker-sized bass p'ups either at Allparts or Guitar Jones or somewhere, if DIY winding is your thing...

The only major issue I see is that the Pitbull would need to be towards the neck, as some basses have too wide a string spread towards the bridge for it to work.

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ok, cause right now i have an emg select bass humbucker witch is really weak sounding so i was lookign for a more beefy sounding upgrade but i didn't want to do too much routing. I have an old japanese j-bass body for the 60's that i frankensteined with a new neck and electronics. There is an old bass humbucker at the neck witch it super nice soundign but i cant seem to find anything like it. I saw an old univox one on ebay a wile back that was similar but never again, hard to find this shape in bass pickups i suppose.

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