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Sunburst question


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I'm in the planning process of making my own Les Paul copy (My first non-kit project.) And I was wondering how Gibson did their "Vintage Sunburst" seen here:


I'd be greatful if you could explain it to me in detail, or point me towards a tutorial. I've read a few different faqs on sunbursting, but I'm not sure which method I want to use.

I'm guessing it has the standard maple top/mahogany back as with most LP's. Can anyone make some recommendations as where to look for parts? Thanks for any help.


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Lots of ways to do sunbursts, I won't go into all the various ways, just how I would do that.

3 colors you need: yellow, red, and brown.

I would use waterbased stains to do the initial wipe-on color, which is usually 95% yellow, a few drops of red, and fewer drops of brown. That's a pretty standard amber mix, but you can mix/modify to your hearts content to get whatever shade you want.

Then shoot on your finish coats until you can sand it smooth.

Then mix in brown with a few drops of red (again, your choice) that's the standard 'endburst' mixture, into your finish and apply it as a toner coat.

Then more clearcoats until your done.

I'm not going to go into how to do -all- this, just covering how to get 'that' particular shade/burst coloring...

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