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Dying Mop?


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I was wondering if anyone has ever dyed their own mother of pearl. I know they sell dyed blanks, but I am not sure how they do it. I want to use red pearl diamond inlays for one project, but can not find them precut, and do not have the skill or the tools to make my own. But if I could by MOP and dye it my self, that would work nicely. Any ideas?

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I think that you can dye the MOP with paints that they use to colour the glass(windows that called vitro?)

I tryed a week before to do with analine dye but it looked as bad as hell...

Also as buddy above said if its on the fretboard it will wear off quickly and it will look twice as bad as hell

If you find any other way,im interested to learn that its quite interesting.

Cheers :D

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As Setch said, you can't dye M.O.P, the dye cannot penetrate. The coloured sheets you see for sale are laminates that are set in epoxy and it's the epoxy that's tinted, not the shell. Perhaps try Doug at Parable to see if he can help - sound's right up his street.


Youre right transparent colour coat not dye.

Tolly wrong...


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