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Another Frustrating Wire Problem..


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Hey all. I recently converted a guitar with active pickups to passive pickups

i'm not new at all to swapping pickups or wiring, i'm quite good at soldering and know my way around in there.


For some reason these humbuckers are noisier and hummier then a single coil. this is not right. the bridge pickup sounds pretty muddy at times too, like a neck pickup, but only sometimes, like it's phasing in and out of the muddiness, it's weird.

the only thing i can even THINK of it being is the fact that i still have the stereo jack in there (I don't have a spare mono.) But I dunno, I can't see that making a difference. the pots are all wired up right and everything is grounded to each other. what gives?

(PS, thanks in advance)

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