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Anybody Know Of An Exotic Lumber Yard In South Eastern Pennsylvania?

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Search for Lumber shops in PA

Honestly, I don't know that area, but I did a search for Southeastern PA zip codes and got 19399 and plugged that into the woodfinder.com search and got the results shown below, though on the site you can click and more info. Don't know how close that zip is to you, but I figured you could do a more precise search with your actual zip and get better results. That site can be helpful in finding places, it generally does a decent job of showing you some options for your area. Honestly, its well worth calling most of the places as sometimes random hardwood shops carry many exotics and are often kiln dried, so again, its worth putting in some calls. Well best of luck, hope you find a good shop or two. J

Woodcraft - Downingtown, PA Downingtown PA (3 miles)

Hearne Hardwoods, Inc. Oxford PA (14 miles)

Good Hope Hardwoods Landenberg PA (14 miles)

Allen Woodworking Norristown PA (22 miles)

Groff & Groff Lumber,Inc. Quarryville PA (22 miles)

Sandy Pond Hardwoods, Inc. Quarryville PA (22 miles)

Talarico Hardwoods Mohnton PA (23 miles)

Fleetwood Lumber and Flooring Fleetwood PA (23 miles)

Woodcraft - New Castle, DE New Castle DE (27 miles)

Hollister's Sawmill, Inc Columbia PA (34 miles)

I just checked and it seems the link didn't save the info I typed in, so I just linked the search page instead. These places listed are what I got using the area code I mentioned. Just type in your area code in the main search for that site and it will list many of these places and you can then click on the names for more information about them, like phone numbers or if they have their own site. Again, I don't have any idea of how close these are, I just used a random southeastern zip I found, you'll have to search using your own zip for more accurate info. Best of luck. J

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Thanks guys! I live in Montgomery County, so it's a little ways away but i should be able to truck around to these places

Here is another place but probably more of a drive, near Trenton NJ. They are small but they have a modest collection of exotics. I find their prices reasonable. Small hole in the wall off the beaten path. Even though they have a web presence it's a low tech company. They also do tree services and and mill their own domesstic lumber. They have an annual auction where you can pick up 500 board feet of mostly domestic stock bundles for a low price. At least the last one I went to 4 years ago.

Willard Brothers

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